How To Handle A Carpet Hole Repair?

Carpet hole repair is usually only needed after the flooring takes sustained damage  from such things as bleach, burned holes, and tears. However, poor flooring installation or maintenance can put the fabric at risk and result in tears as well. When it comes time to fix a tear in the flooring, it takes a professional to do the job right, as a mistake during the process can lead to even worse damage than the homeowner started with.

Most professionals, when performing carpet hole repair, will cut out a  piece elsewhere in the home (usually from a closet) and put the patch in the place where the damage occurred. The damaged fibers and backing are cut out of the carpet and are disposed of, and the clean patch is then fitted in its place. This is done by installing glue tabs under the edge of the cutout area, putting the new patch in the spot above the glue tabs, and adhering them in place using a heavy duty seaming iron. The new patch is then groomed over to help it blend in.

It’s a process that is rather quick when handled by a certified expert. Homeowners that select technicians certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) greatly improve their chances of getting a satisfactory and professional look. That’s why so many homeowners now consider IICRC certification to be an essential component before hiring anyone.