Carpet Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know About

Basic carpet cleaning tips suggest that the places people walk and sit most frequently should be tended to multiple times in crisscrossing vacuum strokes. A single pass is usually not capable of doing more than expunging the most superficial dirt, and the particles located deeper down require more work.

In order to ensure that a stain does not spread to nearby unblemished fibers, a blotting technique should be used to soak up liquid (whether cleaning solution or the offending stain) rather than a rubbing motion.  Starting at the edge and working towards the center is another good way to keep the surrounding area stain-free.

Drying is an important, but underestimated part of the maintenance process. Wet fabric is more likely to pick up stains if it is subjected to regular traffic, and musty odors can result from moving furniture on to an area that is still damp.

Some cleaning solutions have powerful bleaching properties that may be fine for certain colors or fibers, but may be damaging to others.  There are a wide range of floor coverings, and their construction, dye, and textile material may react to chemicals in different ways, so a solution that may be fine on one rug may entirely ruin another.  Performing a spot-test is a good way to determine if discoloration will result from the use of the soap. All of these concerns are rendered unnecessary when hiring someone with extensive training in this area. While a do-it-yourself approach can have pleasing results, the only way to get a professional level of clean is to hire a professional.  Even the most excellent carpet cleaning tips pale in comparison to the skill and knowledge of someone with experience.