Consider Getting A Carpet Cleaning Reference Guide

A carpet cleaning reference guide can be useful to technicians working in the field. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, produces a number of publications to help professionals in the textile industry. The BSR-IICRC S100 is one of these publications, and shows technicians how to treat flooring and remove soil and debris effectively.  The IICRC is the most respected standard setting body in the industry, which means it sets the standards for professionals in this field.

The BSR-IICRC S100 was originally created in 1991 and has received four revisions since. As the industry has improved its technology and methods, the IICRC has responded by updating its carpet cleaning reference guide. Another revision is planned to be released, and  it too will be compliant with ANSI standards. The ANSI, or American National Standards Institute, is responsible for compiling and overseeing industry standards in a number of fields. The ANSI has been able to improve the quality of life for Americans using these standards, and the IICRC is partnered with the prestigious institute.

This publication covers multiple topics, including the five principles of cleaning. Extraction, dry soil removal, grooming, soil suspension and drying are all important parts of textile treatment, and they are explained in detail in the BSR-IICRC S100. For each process, the publication explains the best methods for performing the job and the proper equipment for the procedure. The BSR-IICRC S100 is also an excellent reference for consumers. It outlines the proper methods for maintaining and pretreating flooring before hiring a professional. It also explains how to identify and find the ideal professional for any situation. Technicians and consumers can both access the BSR-IICRC S100 and its wealth of information online for a  reasonable fee.