Frequent Questions About Carpet Cleaning Rates

Carpet cleaning rates are subject to many factors, most of which aren’t known until the technician has a chance to inspect the carpeting. This is an important step as no two jobs are alike. They can differ in size, soiling conditions, home layout and extra services needed to restore the carpeting to an acceptable state. Fortunately, no matter the state of the carpet, a professional trained by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or the IICRC, can most likely bring the fibers back to life once again.

The most important consideration is size when calculating carpet cleaning rates. The area needing treatment will be measured, and the total square footage will be considered. The state of the carpeting will also be a determining factor. If the flooring is only lightly soiled, the job will take less time, but if it is heavily soiled, it will require more work and take longer to clean, which will cost more.

The cost of treatment can also be affected by the layout of the home, its accessibility and whether or not the flooring will need additional services. If the home is difficult to access or has a lot of furniture that will need to be moved, this may increase the cost of treatment. If there is burn damage, discoloration, bunching or tearing present, it will likely add to the final price of treatment significantly.