What Should You Expect With Carpet Cleaning Prices?

In general, carpet cleaning prices follow one of two designs. Many companies prefer to follow a per room estimate that can be put together quickly and with a fair amount of accuracy. Others prefer to measure each space that needs treatment and charge by the square foot. This method gives the customer a precise estimate and helps the company determine the amount of work that will need to be done at the home. However, this requires a representative from the company to visit the home and measure everything before services can be rendered. There may also be additional costs if the homeowner needs extra services beyond basic treatment.

Per room estimates can be put together quickly and over the phone or internet, offering a level of convenience that homeowners may prefer. However, if the rooms are larger or smaller than expected, the cost may go up accordingly. Companies that charge by the room may charge for two rooms in a space that is larger than a set limit, or for half a room if the space is smaller than a predetermined size. To avoid poor service, avoid hiring a company that charges less than $20 a room. It’s nearly impossible for a service to provide quality treatment for such a small charge. Carpet cleaning prices that are determined by square footage are more precise, but can only be provided after the company visits the home, although this can be accomplished at the time of the appointment for service. The  cleaning itself will likely require a second visit, so it may take a little longer than companies that offer per room estimates. Homeowners know exactly what to expect, though, so there should be no surprises on the bill.

Most companies will charge a little extra if they have to move any furniture prior to the cleaning. Homeowners that want to keep their costs low should consider preparing the rooms prior to the services by removing any furniture from the space. Rugs and electrical cords should also be moved ahead of time. Carpet cleaning prices will be more accurate if a technician visits the home to survey the rooms and knows about any stains that may need special treatment. Hot water extraction and encapsulation treatments are thorough, but they can’t always remove everything. The company may also offer color dyeing for textiles that have faded from wear, stains, and color loss. Flooring repair is another standard service that is useful for holes or tears in the flooring.

These additional services  may be invoiced by the hour. So, there may be a little elasticity in the final estimate, but the company should be clear about this beforehand. No matter the service’s pricing structure, there should be no question about how the costs will be derived prior to treatment. Any invoices provided by the company should be easy to review and free of any surprise fees. As a homeowner, you have the right to transparent communication with the service provider.