Seeking Out Carpet Cleaning Institutes

There are a number of carpet cleaning institutes all over the United States, providing easy access to those wishing to increase their knowledge and training in this field. Although no certifications are required in order to offer services, having them shows potential customers that the technician is well versed in the field and willing to dedicate their time to becoming the best.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, commonly abbreviated to IICRC or simply referred to as The Institute, is the industry leader in setting the highest standards for this field. Many technicians seeking to further their knowledge and education choose carpet cleaning institutes that are IICRC approved. There are a host of options from courses on cleaning and repairs, continuing education credits, and workshops. The IICRC’s dedication to education has put them in a position to create the standards that the rest of the industry follows. An association with the IICRC can essentially be used as a measure of quality.

Some of the courses are science based, going above and beyond teaching simple spot removal. Courses range from basic knowledge to specific techniques. Some of the classes are highly specialized, like those that focus on Persian and Oriental rugs and their treatment, or how to re-dye a textile for restoration purposes. They teach both dry and wet methodologies, like steam, extraction, encapsulation, bonnets, and shampooing.

With both online and on site educational options, location does not have to dictate the level of training that is available. Most classes only require two days to complete, and end with a standardized exam. Supplementing a carpet cleaning education with formal classes can make one business more appealing than others when it comes to deciding between comparable services.