Find Courses With The Carpet Cleaning Institute Of America

Although there isn’t an official carpet cleaning institute of America, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) behaves much like one, with outreach that spans the country and the globe. Since its establishment, the IICRC has worked to improve the quality of service in the industry by training technicians and helping professionals adopt new technologies for their firm. This tireless approach has earned the IICRC respect from technicians around the world and by multiple U.S. agencies.

For decades, the IICRC has honed its practices, both technical and ethical. Thousands of technicians, even those not registered with the IICRC, use these practices as a guide in their own operations. And even though the IICRC is not the official carpet cleaning institute of America, the U.S. government has approached the IICRC to establish some of its practices as a national standard. Such an honor speaks to the effectiveness of the IICRC’s methods.

Every year, the IICRC certifies thousands of professionals and firms in various disciplines, and this certification is considered essential by many consumers. Recent consumer studies support this notion, as many homeowners now factor certification into their decision when looking for a technician. As such, certification through the IICRC can be an enormous advantage, and should be a top priority for any professional that wants to advance in the industry.