How Is A Carpet Cleaning Institute Beneficial

What can a carpet cleaning institute do for the consumer and the professional?

The consumer benefits greatly by finding a certified technician for the repair or restoration that is needed. It helps guarantee that the person entering the house is actually qualified to complete the task. No one would want to trust mold remediation or carpet patching to an unqualified person, and by hiring a professional with proof of certification in these areas the consumer can have confidence in the work that will be done.

A professional can also benefit from gaining certification. Asynchronous education is the modern day way to gain knowledge and obtain certification. It means the student uses an online format to receive the educational experience, and this makes learning a lot easier for many people. They can choose to learn at their own pace, and can attend classes many hundreds of miles from the actual educational facility.

Once a series of classes has been taken and the tests are passed, the professional receives certification. The certifying body will regularly update techniques and require further education to meet industry standards. This protects the interests of both the consumer and the professional.

Further protection for the customer is found in the fact that each certified firm must have a record with the local Better Business Bureau, and when a complaint happens it is carefully and thoroughly investigated. If the matter goes into arbitration, a certified firm must stand by the decision or risk losing that certification.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is a certifying body setting industry standards. While it is not directly a carpet cleaning institute itself, it does govern certification and works with the backing of ANSI to set higher standards.