How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Franchise With IICRC?

Purchasing a carpet cleaning franchise can prove to be a wise business decision for an entrepreneur. The textile treatment industry brings in more than $5 billion in revenue every year, and the market is much friendlier to these startups compared to most industries. Before getting started, though, employees must have the proper training to ensure optimal customer service. Without it, a business may find it difficult to bring in repeat business and earn consumer trust. Carpet cleaning and textile treatment is not just done for aesthetic purposes. Homeowners rely on the technician to eliminate allergens and microbial threats before they have a chance to cause illness. A poorly trained technician may unknowingly put families at risk.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has been the primary agency involved in technician training and certification for decades. Getting a carpet cleaning franchise off the ground takes more than some equipment and a little manpower, and the IICRC can show a business owner the way. The IICRC teaches courses pertinent to the industry through approved schools. These schools employ instructors that are highly respected in the industry and are keenly familiar with the IICRCs practices. Through the IICRC, a technician can learn a wide range of skills that can be used in a variety of settings. However, nearly all technicians will want to begin with the IICRC’s basic skills program and carpet cleaning technician (CCT) course.

The CCT course is in-depth and involves 14 total hours of instruction over two days. During the course, the technician will learn the IICRC’s five principles of treatment. These include dry soil removal, soil suspension (preconditioning), suspended soil removal, grooming, and the important step of drying. The professional will be exposed to many soiling conditions, so through proper training they will be prepared for any job situation. Also, the technicians will learn how to identify the most common textile materials they are likely to encounter and the proper methods to use to clean them properly. The CCT course primarily focuses on residential applications, but the IICRC also offers a similar class that addresses commercial work settings.

Once the technicians are certified, the carpet cleaning franchise will have the skilled manpower needed to provide homeowners with the service they need. However, the business owner will also need some knowledge of the industry to keep the company afloat. That’s where the franchisor comes in and earns their royalties.

Certification through the IICRC also opens the owner up to networking possibilities, where they can talk to other experts and company owners in the field. This wealth of knowledge will help an owner make the best decisions for their customers, their employees, and their business as a whole.