Carpet Cleaning Certification Training Should Be Taken

Professionals seeking carpet cleaning certification training should contact the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) if they want the best education in the industry. IICRC-approved instructors provide quality education and can introduce best practices to technicians in a number of areas, including carpet cleaning and repair, water and smoke restoration, and mold remediation.

The Institute’s standards and ethics are considered the most developed in the industry, even attaining approval in some areas from the demanding American National Standards Institute. The organization’s coursework reflects this approach, offering hands-on instruction with the industry’s latest equipment and procedures.  For example, a technician who attains carpet cleaning certification training through the IICRC will first learn how to identify a range of fiber types and textile constructions, as well as the proper soil removal methods.

Once a student completes the course and passes the final exam, they will be eligible to become an IICRC registrant. From here, a professional can apply what they have learned while improving their abilities through the IICRC’s continuing education courses. This is not only a good way for a professional to expand their knowledge, but is also required by the IICRC to ensure the technician remains in step with industry trends and the latest research. Some of these continuing education courses include water damage assessments, asbestos awareness, wood flooring, crime scene cleanup, and microbial inspections.