Obtaining A Carpet Cleaning Certification In Michigan

Carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan can make a huge impact on a technician’s career, and set the foundation for future success. Perhaps best of all, though, the process is quick and easy to manage for technicians from all parts of the state. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) manages its courses through a network of approved schools, so there is no central location every student has to fly or drive to. This makes training much more practical for most students.

There are a couple primary spots where students can take carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan. One is Grand Rapids, and the other is Detroit (specifically Novi and Berkley). Technicians living above the bridge may find Green Bay to be a closer option for them, but in most cases, the technician won’t have to travel more than a few hundred miles to get to their destination.

During the course, students will learn how to identify various fiber types and various soiling conditions. With this knowledge, a technician will be able to select the right tools for the job every time. Students will also learn how to use the latest equipment and cleansing agents, giving them an edge in the knowledge department.

After the student completes the course and passes the test reviewing their new skills, they will have access to the IICRC’s considerable resources. With them, a technician can make the most out of their burgeoning career in the industry.