Looking To Take The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam

Prospective students searching for an institution to take a carpet cleaning certification exam can conveniently begin their quest at the website of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This organization serves as a gateway to educational opportunities in the industry.

While the IICRC does not employ faculty nor operate its own schools, the institute connects prospective students with IICRC-approved teachers and learning academies. Courses to obtain a carpet cleaning certification exam are held at various locations throughout the United States on an ongoing basis, and many states still have classes scheduled for the remaining months of 2013. The IICRC website enables prospective students to search for programs by school or certification track.

The 2-day course must be taken in person. Approximately 14 hours of classroom work teaches students practical applications of techniques and methods, ways to identify different carpet styles and finishes and industry standards. The class culminates in a written test that immediately follows the conclusion of the course. If, for whatever reason, a student is unable to take the test onsite after completion of the class, he or she has a 90-day window to take the test in the presence of an exam monitor located nearby.

Program graduates earn the privilege of displaying the Clean Trust service mark badge on their work uniform, even if the service provider they are employed with is not IICRC certified. The logo identifies the bearer as a technician who conforms to IICRC standards in both professional capabilities as well as ethics.

Individuals interested in attending an IICRC-approved program are invited to visit the organization’s website for more information such as course descriptions, class schedules and course availability in their area.