Passing The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit agency that administers a variety of industry-related standardized tests; one of which is the carpet cleaning certification exam. The IICRC’s history can be traced back to Fresno, CA, where it began as a trade school for technicians that were eager for the latest training on innovative carpet cleaning systems. Today, it’s the leading international organization responsible for providing the highest level of education and training to industry professionals and companies.

The IICRC does not own, operate, or employ any training schools or instructors. Rather, it approves these educational facilities and personnel to successfully test registrants wishing to obtain an IICRC designation, such as the carpet cleaning certification exam. This test, in addition to several others, is designed to train technicians to perform their services in accordance with the highest industry standards. Upon completion of a designated and IICRC-approved course, the technicians are equipped with knowledge and training on the latest innovative technology in this field, and they are ready to provide customers with efficient and thorough service.

There are fees associated with receiving an IICRC certification, but they vary and are determined by the circumstances of the specific school and instructors who administer the course. After successfully completing a course, registrants are required to adhere to continuing education credits (CECs) in order to maintain their standing with the IICRC. Attending an IICRC-approved course and passing the ensuing exam can result in a positive impact on a company’s sales and customer satisfaction.