The Two Approved Types Of Carpet Cleaning Certification Courses

Industry professionals in pursuit of learning may consider enrolling in one of two carpet cleaning certification courses offered by IICRC-approved academies located throughout the country and across the globe. They are available to established technicians who want to underscore their practical experience with irrefutable documentation.

Official IICRC-credentials can significantly improve the marketability of individual technicians and firms by conveying their expertise and proficiency on paper. According to an IICRC-commissioned survey, 91% of consumers attach value to professional certification, and would likely choose an IICRC-recognized technician over a competitor who doesn’t possess documented credentials.

In addition, IICRC-accredited technicians are highly sought after in the job market, as many employers insist on hiring applicants with a proven record of training and education.

The IICRC currently approves two carpet cleaning certification courses — one leading to Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), the other to Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT). Both classes are two-day programs that must be taken in person at an IICRC-approved school. While the organization itself does not operate any academies or employ instructors, it fosters education and training by connecting prospective students with reputable academies in their respective states. Interested technicians can search for classes available in their area on the IICRC website.

The CCT and CCMT classes both offer comprehensive instruction, teaching a well-rounded curriculum of all aspects related to the maintenance of textile floor coverings. Students can expect to walk away knowing all they need to know about soil removal methodologies, the construction and identification of fibers and textiles, chemical applications, and solutions to potential problems they may face in the field. Each class concludes with an examination that will ultimately determine certification eligibility.