The Steps For A Carpet Cleaning Certification

Rugs and flooring restoration specialists find that obtaining their carpet cleaning certification is a great way to attract and keep new clients. Proper accreditation allows professionals to prove their knowledge and proficiencies in a course of study that prepares them to offer a wide range of quality services to customers. This is important for attracting new clients who are actively searching for a qualified professional to meet their needs.

The entity that oversees the educational facilities, and establishes the best methods and standards of excellence flooring maintenance professionals must adhere to is the IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC does not have its own educational facilities or training staff. Instead, it approves schools whose programs meet or exceed the standards and criteria set by its Board of Directors.

Carpet cleaning certification is just one of the many areas of specialization among the many different textiles and flooring services. Whether these services involve restoration after a fire or flood or routine cleaning, the necessary written examinations and credits must be accrued before a professional is allowed to provide those services for customers. Additionally, the student must demonstrate the necessary skills needed before receiving credit for the classes.

Qualified professionals must maintain this education throughout their careers. At least two continuing education credits are required in their field every four years in order to keep their IICRC status. Many professionals opt to further their education by mastering a variety of different materials and restoration techniques, climbing the ranks of the IICRC to eventually achieve the highest class of qualification, the Master status. All of this education and training is, of course, immensely valuable to the professional, as well as to prospective clients who will be checking the educational backgrounds of professionals they are considering hiring to restore or maintain their valuable flooring.