What Are Carpet Cleaners Ratings Based On

Consumers need to be careful when reading online carpet cleaners ratings, because it is often difficult to tell if the person on the other end is giving the business a fair shake. It’s a well-known phenomenon that angry clients are more likely to share their experiences than satisfied customers, so the best place to look for these is on sites that aggregate reviews and approach them from a professional outlook.

There are many things a review site looks for when trying to size up the best sanitation companies, including versatility, thoroughness and quality of equipment used. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is the gold standard for these businesses, and they set what constitutes the best practices. Any operation that follows these is likely to garner great carpet cleaners ratings.

An excellent operation will be able to show up and tackle anything that needs thorough sanitation. Whether it involves the floors, the furniture or something more complicated like air ducts or attics, a professional group can handle it all. In addition, they will be able to tell when a piece of flooring needs to be replaced or repaired. Reviews also look at the range of products and service plans on tap, and those that have proprietary solutions that can fix any problem will get higher marks.

There are two methods of deep sanitation that are considered the best for the floor. Companies that use superheated jets of water under high pressure are excellent at jarring loose debris in the fibers, and low-moisture methods ensure that the fibers dry quickly. Top notch operations will use either one of these methods.