Use Carpet Cleaners Over Trying To Do It Yourself

There is no comparison between professional carpet cleaners and the kind of equipment a do-it-yourselfer can rent at a hardware or grocery store. Homeowners who opt for rental equipment may believe they are making the pragmatic choice, but it will likely end up costing the homeowner more in the long run. Rental equipment cannot match professional equipment in any way, and it often causes more problems than it solves. Of course, do-it-yourselfers also deprive themselves of the expert technique that professionals have learned during their time in the field.

The major differences between rental equipment and professional carpet cleaners are precision and power. Technicians work with industrial vacuums that can be effective deep within the fibers, and professional hot water extractors use minimal water for the best results. Rental equipment is hit or miss at removing various soils, and it tends to leave behind too much water following the treatment. The result is flooring that gets soiled again almost immediately. It also means an extended drying time. Excess water can also attract pests or molds, both of which can cause health issues in people and pets.

Perhaps most importantly, though, without professional assistance, homeowners will not be able to get rid of tough odors, stubborn stains or physical damage to the carpeting. Certified technicians are prepared to help homeowners in any way possible to restore their flooring to its peak potential, something that rental equipment could never hope to accomplish.