Why Carpet Clean Training & Certification Is Needed

Carpet cleaning training and certification should be considered a top priority for any technician transitioning into the industry. With the IICRC’s vast educational resources, a professional can learn everything they need to handle a variety of work situations. IICRC registrants are taught the industry’s best practices and get hands-on experience with modern treatment equipment. This prepares a technician to offer the level of service that homeowners expect from technicians these days.

The IICRC’s most important carpet cleaning training and certification course is the Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) class. During the CCT, professionals learn how to assess a number of common soiling conditions, as well as identify the types of fabric a professional is likely to encounter. Students will also learn the IICRC’s theory and principles regarding flooring treatment, including soil removal, suspension, and fabric drying.

After a student finishes the CCT course and passes the exam, they will be ready to succeed in the industry. If a technician wants to further cement his position in the field, he should consider attaining an advanced designation through the IICRC.  Technicians can acquire journeyman or master status by earning experience in the industry and completing additional coursework through the IICRC. Once a professional is considered a master in this area, he will garner a great deal of respect from other industry professionals and consumers alike.