Area Rug Cleaning Needs To Be Handled Properly

Area rug cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance and durability of the piece, and homeowners that want to keep their Oriental or Persian rug in good health will need to have it cleaned regularly. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge to handle such delicate and significant pieces, so most respected firms in the industry have been around for many years and have their own process for effective treatment. However, most firms tend to adhere fairly closely to a standard formula for treatment, and the process typically only takes a day or two.

The first part of the area rug cleaning process is an inspection and dry soil removal. Once the technician gives the piece a good look-over to spot any stains or damage, the rug is vibrated by a specialized machine to shake loose any dry soil. After all of the dry soil is removed, the piece is either submerged in a full-immersion bath or gently scrubbed down with a push machine. In either case, slight agitation and mild detergents are used to neutralize deep soils. A centrifuge that spins the rug and pulls water out of it is part of the drying process. This just takes minutes. The rug is then hung from a drying rack to complete the process.

With regular treatment, a homeowner can keep their area rug in excellent condition and looking like it did the day it was purchased.