Getting Certified In Smoke Restoration Can Improve A Career

Certification in smoke restoration can be extremely helpful for a professional looking to improve their career outlook. The knowledge and techniques gained through continuing education can help specialists work more efficiently and more effectively. The best organization to choose for certification is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. This agency is the most respected oversight group in the world and is made up of more than 50,000 registrants.

The IICRC, in addition to setting best industry practices and linking customers to professionals, also provides excellent certification courses through its network of approved schools. One of them is a fire and smoke damage restoration class that teaches a professional how to manage a job site. This two-day, 14-hour course also shows the student how to approach the technical side of fire damage neutralization and how to price their services appropriately. IICRC-approved schools teach the curriculum using highly experienced registrants located all over the North America. This ensures a student can find an available class near their home.

A specialist can greatly improve their knowledge-base and standing in the field by studying an advanced certification track. The IICRC offers three tracks, including advanced designations for smoke and fire damage repair. To attain eligibility, the registrant first has to garner a year of experience in the industry after their original certification date. They must also attend three certification courses and pass the exams, including the fire damage repair, odor control technician and upholstery and fabric cleaning. This earns the professional journeyman status.

With three years of experience and credits in a carpet cleaning class and health and safety course, the specialist can attain master status in this certification track. Registrants who reach this advanced designation are respected members of their industry and highly valued by employers and consumers alike.

A Restoration Brochure Can Be A Valuable Tool

A restoration brochure can be a powerful tool when used to communicate with prospective clients. Professionals in fire and water damage repair constantly have to handle customers that are skeptical of their services. Most of the dangers following a fire or flood are unseen and poorly understood by most homeowners. This means a business is at a disadvantage when convincing a potential client of its expertise. With documentation from a respected organization, though, this can be much easier.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is the most respected industry agency in the nation. There are more than 50,000 companies in this organization, spread out around the world. When consumers need a fire and water damage repair specialist, the IICRC is the agency they are most likely to approach first. Any professional that uses an IICRC restoration brochure to forge a connection will be more likely to gain new clients.

These pamphlets alert home and business owners to the importance of fire and water damage repair. It also directs clients to the IICRC’s website. Here, they can look for businesses through the organization’s database. Just getting the customer familiar with the IICRC is important, because they will be more likely to hire an IICRC-approved business once they learn about the industry.

There are several ways to present these pamphlets to prospective clients. They can be placed on display at the company’s offices, handed to current customers while performing other services or spread out among professional partnerships. Electricians, plumbers and contractors often handle clients that require fire or water damage repair. Forging relationships with these experts and having them hand out pamphlets can quickly bring in more business.

An IICRC Cleaning Brochure Is An Effective Way To Get Business

Unlike newspaper ads and many other means of advertising, using an IICRC Cleaning Brochure to increase the number of service calls is a relatively inexpensive way to draw customers.

Filled with information designed to boost recognition and customer acquisition for IICRC-certified technicians and firms, these pamphlets use everyday terminology and speak directly to the consumer, explaining the concept (and importance) behind the CleanTrust logo and the IICRC.  The IICRC Cleaning Brochure is essentially a marketing tool that emphasizes the value of certified service providers’ training and education in their field of expertise.

By explaining the IICRC’s function and purpose, the leaflet simultaneously creates brand awareness among consumers who will come to recognize the IICRC logo as a symbol of professionalism and trustworthiness. In other words: Prospective customers who believe in the IICRC and its standards will, in turn, believe in the technicians and firms that bear its logo in the form of a CleanTrust patch or decal.  Consequently, the pamphlet supports the marketing efforts of IICRC registrants.

The brochure outlines the value of hiring certified professionals versus non-certified service providers by highlighting the special qualifications, superior workmanship and quality guarantee offered by IICRC-accredited technicians and firms. The pamphlet further outlines the various types of certifications supported by IICRC, and emphasizes the special skills and training unique to IICRC-certified service providers. Consumers reading the leaflet are directed to the IICRC website in their search for certified professionals in their area, further increasing the chances that accredited service providers will be selected for the job.

Available on the organization’s website in sets of 100, the full-color tri-fold brochure can be distributed to potential customers in-office and on service calls.

Furthering Education With Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes

Completing carpet cleaning certification classes at a professional, IICRC-accredited school can have multiple benefits on several levels:

1)    For the service provider:  Formal training ensures up-to-date industry knowledge, allowing the provider to apply the latest technology with confidence. In addition, documented IICRC education implies superior quality of work and professionalism to the consumer, therefore turning accredited course work into a marketing tool.
2)    For the service provider’s employer: Companies gain trust and respectability by employing professionals who are IICRC accredited. Employees who have earned the IICRC stamp of approval can lend a competitive edge and distinguish one firm from the next.
3)    For the consumer: Customers want to trust the service professionals they allow into their homes or businesses. When choosing a service provider, especially in the absence of personal referrals, customers often rely on a candidate’s professional affiliation and accreditation with a certifying body for peace of mind.
The first step toward IICRC accreditation is visiting the organization’s website.  There, prospective students will find a one-stop information portal for all their educational needs. The website includes links to dozens of IICRC-approved schools around the country. As an additional service, the organization provides course descriptions as well as credit details for numerous certification tracks beyond carpet cleaning, such as leather and tile maintenance.

The IICRC website guides students to courses in traditional classroom settings across the nation. They also list avenues for online or distance courses available for continuing education.

Upon successful completion of carpet cleaning certification classes, students are awarded with a patch depicting the CleanTrust logo, identifying them as well-trained, trustworthy and quality-oriented professional service provider to their customers and peers.

Finding Restoration Companies For Carpet Repair

Restoration companies are hired when a homeowner needs help putting their home back together following a disaster. This may be due to severe weather, plumbing issues or a major fire. Technicians helping these people need to repair fire and water damage, remove odors and eliminate any health hazards like microbes or fungi. Because this is so important, consumers are extremely discerning with the workers they hire. It is, therefore, in the professionals’ best interest to pursue certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

The IICRC is the most respected oversight agency in the industry and is responsible for setting best practices within the field. Restoration companies that become registrants of the IICRC can expect several benefits, including a boost in consumer confidence. The organization offers three certification tracks, with two advanced designations in each. These certifications include textile cleaner, fire and smoke specialist and water damage specialist. Attaining journeyman or master status in these certification tracks requires years of experience and education credits through the IICRC or one of their approved schools. After taking a class and passing an exam, a professional is considered certified in that area. They will need to pass several courses to reach journeyman or master status in a particular area. Each class typically only lasts for a few days, but is packed with information regarding theory and application.

Homeowners look for technicians who have proven themselves to the IICRC. Because this organization is the most known and most respected oversight agency, consumers turn to them first to find qualified businesses in the area. Established registrants with the IICRC are branded with the CleanTrust mark, which instills confidence in consumers. Certified technicians can be located through the IICRC’s online database.