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Your NEW IICRC is Hard at Work

Dear IICRC Stakeholders:

We want to thank you for your patience as we continue to make great strides throughout our transition to self-management.  We understand exactly what every registrant, Certified Firm and instructor wants – and deserves – and we’re working overtime to exceed your expectations.  In fact, my wife Cindy and I have been volunteering at the Global Resource Center (GRC) for the past seven weeks without a break, so I truly understand what you are going through. 

We recognize the long and arduous hours that IICRC registrants must work to support their firms and families.  The same can be said of the other dedicated and hard-working volunteers, such as Joe and Janet Dobbins, who have donated several weeks of

their time and considerable expertise to the Institute. 

President Richard Greene and the incredible staff he’s assembled have caught the spirit of the IICRC mission.  They’ve come to understand that all of those names on documents represent hard-working individuals who have attended a class, taken a test, and who aspire to make their lives and those of their families better. 

Unfortunately, the transition to self-management has revealed a significant backlog of

exams to process.  We have dedicated staff and volunteers working overtime to grade your exams.  I anticipate that it will take another month or so before we eliminate the exam backlog – along with responding to most of the voicemails and emails. 

We’re working very hard, and we’re responding to inquiries and getting caught up one registrant at a time.  We appreciate your trust, understanding and patience while we work on providing you with the services you deserve.

Very truly yours,

Jeff Bishop
Director; Chair, Education and Examinations Committee



*Photo 1: Jeff and Cindy Bishop answering and following up on helpdesk emails at the GRC
*Photo 2: (L to R) New IICRC customer satisfaction team members Jen Gephardt, Kim Stone, Susan Sepe, and Holly Kimber training on how to score exams by hand at the GRC
*Photo 3: IICRC Second Vice President Kevin Pearson hard at work volunteering at the GRC

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