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Do You Need A Furniture Cleaning Service?

A professional furniture cleaning service can rescue a beloved sofa or chair from the trash pile, and a homeowner might be surprised just how much a professional crew can restore. Homeowners are often tempted to handle the treatment themselves. While it is possible to perform some basic maintenance on upholstery, it takes an experienced crew to eliminate the soils and stains embedded in the fabric.

What can a homeowner do to keep their upholstery in good condition?

Upholstery has a tendency to gather all kinds of debris and soils that homeowners don’t want in their house. Pet dander, old food, and chemical residues can eventually find their way into upholstery and can cause breathing issues or other health problems. This is especially true if the upholstery sustains water damage, as it can quickly become a hotspot for mold growth. Molds are particularly hazardous to children, as they can inflame asthma and other respiratory conditions. Regular treatment, then, should be an important priority for a homeowner.

A homeowner can keep their upholstery in good condition by responding quickly to any spills. Blotting them up before they soak into the fibers may prevent staining. Vacuuming the fabric regularly will keep debris and soils from becoming matted as well. Regular care and maintenance is especially important when dealing with leather, as it can be deeply scored if it is scrubbed while there is dirt or grit sitting on its surface.

How can a professional furniture cleaning service help a homeowner?

Eventually, a certified crew will be needed to provide significant treatment to the fabric. Stains and soil will set, and it may not be clear how the fabric should be handled. If the wrong treatment methods are used, it can cause permanent damage to the upholstery. Certified professionals are equipped with a variety of treatment methods, cleaning agents, and equipment to handle just about any material and soiling condition possible. If a homeowner doesn’t know exactly how to tackle a stain or particular fabric, it’s a good idea to hire a professional crew.

Professionals who receive certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) are some of the most knowledgeable professionals around. Among the courses the IICRC offers is an upholstery treatment class, and technicians who take it learn how to identify various soiling conditions, tailor treatment to various materials, and handle the most modern treatment equipment available. With their knowledge and powerful equipment, a professional furniture cleaning service can treat fabrics without damaging them, remove stains that have set, and ensure the fabric is healthy to be around. This includes treating leather, silk, wool, and other unique materials that require special attention.

With a professional crew on the job, a homeowner can keep their furniture in perfect condition, ensuring that the pieces look beautiful and feel comfortable.

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