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Win-Win With Realtors

Win-Win Business Relationships with Realtors
By Laura Strunk

There is no other industry that has more access to home owners with immediate home-service needs than a realtor. Throughout the process of buying or selling a home, a realtor has multiple opportunities to refer business to home-service providers. These include preparing a home for sale, repairs after a home inspection and/or once a buyer moves into a property. In addition, many realtors do a very good job staying in touch with their past clients and are often the first point of contact when their past clients need to hire a home-service professional to work on their home. For all of these reasons, any and all home-service providers should make it their number one goal to develop long term win-win relationships with realtors.     

As a realtor, I learned very early on in my career just how very important it was to have long-term relationships with trusted home-service professionals. My clients rely on me to recommend the best-of-the-best in each industry that services homes. Every time I recommend a painter, HVAC company or carpet cleaner, I must know with 100 percent certainty that who I recommend is honest, trustworthy, professional and will do exceptional work. If I recommend a business that does not deliver these things, then the trust between me and my client is damaged.

In addition, I also rely on my service-providers to help me when I am in a time-crunch and need something done in order to go to settlement on a home sale. It truly is within a realtor’s best interest to develop a long term win-win relationship with home-service providers.

Needless to say the relationship between realtors and home-service providers is vital and co-dependent. Together, we can create extremely successful results when long-term relationships are built and cultivated. To help you develop these relationships, here are five tips to a lasting partnership:

1.    Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a realtor and share your vision of your future relationship with him or her. I would recommend selecting a realtor that is doing high-level business, as this can lead to future referrals.

2.    The best way to get a realtor to meet with you is to say that you want to meet to create a win-win relationship in which both of you are helping to build each other’s businesses.  When you meet with a realtor, I suggest you discuss your mutual goals and the number of referrals you’d each like to commit to each other’s business. Make sure you pick a number that is reasonable and attainable.

As a realtor I have initiated this technique each year, and not once have I been approached by a home-service provider to do the same. I would be immediately impressed and on board, and I believe that would be the case with all realtors.     

3.    Make sure to stay in touch. A quarterly meeting to discuss progress and goals is also a great idea. If one of you is struggling, you may want to brainstorm together on how you can find referrals for one another.   

4.    Offer to do a free seminar to past clients within their database. Successful realtors typically have 500+ people they consistently stay in touch with and are always looking for ways to add value. Examples include seminars on how to properly clean a carpet, the dos and don’ts of hardwood floor maintenance or how to properly dry out after a flood. Realtors would be thrilled to invite their clients to these seminars, and you get to have your business promoted to their entire database for free.  

5.    Provide an exclusive coupon to the people in their database. If you are a carpet cleaner, offer a discount that realtors can send to their database. Realtors love it because they are providing value to their database and you are getting free advertising and promotion.

6.    Participate and collaborate in co-marketing and/or co-events. If you are going to do a mailing to a neighborhood or a group of consumers, collaborate with a realtor and other businesses that market to consumers and split the costs. In addition, host community events such as live demonstrations and split the costs. The more you can collaborate with each other the stronger your relationship will be.

Forming long-term and lasting relationships in which both a realtor and a home-service provider can benefit is relatively simple; however, it does require consistent effort and communication. These relationships will end up being your strongest relationships in which you both win!   

Laura Strunk is the owner of The Laura Strunk Team of Keller Williams Realty Centre, located in Maryland. Her team is one of the top teams in the area and she prides herself in developing strong relationships with her service providers. Twenty-six percent of her business comes from referrals from home-service providers and her team refers out on average 400 referrals to home service businesses each and every year.   

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