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Why You Shouldn't Take An Online Mold Remediation Course

With the spread of distance education on the internet, some technicians may be looking for an online mold remediation course, but web only instruction cannot provide the hands-on education that will be needed. This industry is extremely complex and handling an infestation should only be done by a certified technician. Poor service in this field can result in severe health problems for the homeowner and their family, so consumers typically look for professionals that have intensive training.

Does an online mold remediation course exist?

There aren’t any reputable web classes that address this subject, which is not a surprise given the nature of the industry. Most classes include skill demonstrations in addition to theory, which is much more effective than just an internet lecture.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a leader in the training and certification of professionals in this industry. They teach all of its classes through certified schools found around the world. Professionals looking for a class on the internet want the convenience of obtaining their education on their time, but the IICRC’s classes are also convenient to attend. Because the organization’s schools are easily accessible, a technician can receive the education they need nearby, no matter where they live. The IICRC’s website lists available classes, so this should be the first stop for a professional looking to expand their knowledge.

What will the student learn during the IICRC’s class?

While an online mold remediation course can only address basic theory, the IICRC’s classes are comprehensive and introduce the student to all of the relevant elements of the field. Known as the AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician), this class is taught over a span of four days, for a total of 28 hours of instruction time. During the course, technicians will learn how to handle a variety of work situations, including sewage backups and water damage. Both of these work settings involve a number of hazards, including chemical or microbial contamination, dangerous wildlife or electrical dangers. Students will learn how to address these concerns and avoid injury while on the job.

Technicians taking the AMRT will also learn the proper methods for identifying and removing mold and fungi infestations from buildings. The student will acquaint themselves with the latest equipment and  decontamination agents used for the task. Finally, technicians will learn how to sample the air inside the home to determine what the presence of fungi in the home looks like.

Once a student completes the AMRT, they can attain certification through the IICRC. That will improve their reputation among homeowners and among employers as well, giving the technician an edge over their competitors.

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