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Why You Should Call The Carpet Cleaning Institute

If a technician wants to learn how to perform flooring treatment properly, they will need to learn from the best carpet cleaning training institute around. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has been helping technicians in the industry for decades and is among the oldest and best-established organizations in the field. If a professional wants to get a strong start in the industry or improve their standing significantly, the IICRC can be a valuable ally.

Why do so many technicians consider the IICRC the best carpet cleaning institute for training purposes?

The IICRC was established in 1972, to help treatment professionals learn how to use steam treatment equipment, considered a breakthrough for technicians. The IICRC has never wavered from its initial purpose and still provides complete training to technicians of all skill levels. Once a professional completes one of the IICRC’s courses, they will be able to attain certification through the organization, and this should be considered a primary objective for a technician. Certification confers important status to a professional and communicates to consumers that they are working with an expert. In fact, consumers have become extremely discerning when it comes to certification, and industry studies have confirmed that homeowners consider certification to be an important factor in whom they choose.

Certification also opens up additional avenues of skill improvement for the professional. For example, IICRC registrants can attend special industry events and conferences, allowing them access to respected members in the field. During these events, a technician or firm owner can build industry contacts, learn about upcoming trends in the industry, and get some wisdom from professionals who have proven themselves extensively.

The IICRC is also considered the top carpet cleaning institute because it offers a number of support systems to professionals who become registrants. Among them are the extremely important continuing education courses. Not only are the IICRC’s continuing education classes valuable for additional learning, they are essential for a professional to remain in good standing with the IICRC..  Other continuing education classes include marketing, personnel training, pricing, customer relations, web presence and a number of technical classes. Those classes teach mold remediation, crime scene treatment, water and fire damage restoration, and other important industry skills.

It doesn’t take long to become an IICRC registrant, either, as the organization’s foundation treatment course only takes a couple days to complete. And because the IICRC has approved instructors located all over the world, technicians can improve their standing in the field without having to travel far.

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