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Why Do You Need A Carpet Cleaning Certification Class

From a big city to a small town there are technicians needing a carpet cleaning certification class to launch or further their professional career. With the export guidance and comprehensive information provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, they can rest assure there is a course within reach. Since 1972, the IICRC has held a highly respected place in this global industry. Their required range of applicable courses and strict standards, paired with the American National Standards Institute regulations they pledge to adhere to, communicate the results they strive to provide their students.

The IICRC ensures that technicians all over the globe are able to access this course in order to meet their professional goals. While they do not have their own instructors or operate their own educational institutions, they have a substantial database of schools they have carefully approved to provide the carpet cleaning certification class required. These accredited schools staff professional individuals that are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the materials that are to be presented. The IICRC has ongoing monitoring in place to guarantee their comprehensive standards are upheld from the initial classroom instruction on out to the consumer experience.

In order to become certified in this field by the IICRC, students must physically attend the Carpet Cleaning Technician, or CCT course and subsequently pass an inclusive written exam. While the IICRC has approved online and distant learning opportunities for continuing education, this initial coursework is not presented in that format. Rather, the material is presented in person in 14 hours, over a two day period, excluding scheduled breaks and testing time. Concepts such as fabric construction and identification, chemicals and equipment, practical techniques and methods, and the pre-inspection process will be covered. Residential and commercial settings are the primary focus of the material.  Those opting to further their industry training will find that their successful completion of this course is required for numerous other IICRC-approved courses and a majority of their certification tracks.

The Institute's own website is an ideal resource for interested students to locate any available schools in their vicinity. They offer a lengthy database of accredited institutions offering the carpet cleaning certification class as well as links to their specific websites and contact information. With travel time in mind, individuals can determine the location that will best meet their needs for the course's brief, but information packed, two-day period.

Upon successful completion of the course, technicians can utilize their affiliation and approval of the IICRC to grow their business. This relationship communicates their standing and the resulting high level of service they can expect to receive in their home or business setting. Customers facing carpet damage can rest assure that they are in good hands with an IICRC-certified technician.

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