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Why Use Professionals With A Certification In Carpet Cleaning?

The benefits of using a carpet technician who has certification in carpet cleaning are plentiful. Many people want a spotless floor and also want it done in the right way. A tidy floor is easy on the eyes, aids in improving property value, and can reduce the amount of allergens in a house (dust, mold, bacteria, animal dander,  etc.), which is exactly why it is in such high demand along with the well-trained individuals who can perform the necessary tasks.  

If one wanted to guarantee that their floor sanitizing work was quality, then it would be advisable to be done by an individual accredited through the IICRC or the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration’s Certification program. The IICRC sets the standard when coming to sanitizing carpets. To give an idea of their professionalism, this non-profit organization has 3 international offices and has expanded into 25 numerous countries throughout the world. They do not just offer a slip of paper claiming the end of mediocrity and that they have certification in carpet cleaning but instead, what the IICRC truly offers is knowledge. Their main goal is to provide the industry’s technicians with information they need to accurately and precisely determine problems and solve them. Many such individuals eventually earn the respected title of “expert” unparalleled to any competitor.

In order to obtain certification in carpet cleaning from the IICRC, the technician must decide what their focus shall be, ranging from general work to extremely specialized. From there, the classes and time invested may also range depending on the desired title of “Journeyman”, which consists of taking three courses over a series of several days and being a member for a year, or the title “Master”, consisting of an additional two classes and a total of 3 years of membership. Classes are made up of credits and exams that determine readiness to be accepted into the field. Once accredited, these technicians and businesses are permitted to use the IICRCTM logo. However, once admitted, if the specialist’s or professional does not maintain his or her status with the IICRC by logging continuing education credits the individual shall be omitted from the program.

While the rules and regulations to receive a certification in carpet cleaning may seem intense and rigorous, that is exactly the point. The skills they teach technicians go much deeper than just standard sanitation but also include repair, deodorizing, maintenance and restoration. This rigorous curriculum is the reason the skilled workers who complete it have a higher success rate, reputation, and a leg up on the competition who decided to forgo the accreditation.

Accreditation is vital in almost any business or service and this industry is no different.  Anyone can claim to be “good”, but customers want a professional who is tried, tested, and true. Those who take part in the courses and membership will have a much better working understanding of various and up to date techniques unlike the superficial understanding of their less competent competition. Leaving a customer with no idea of how well or long the work done will hold up is unfair and unethical, however, with a certification in carpet cleaning, technicians can leave a customer with an unshaken piece of mind.

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