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Why Smoke Damage Clean Up Needs To Be Done Properly

A property fire leaves tremendous destruction in its wake, and rapidly repairing the smoke damage by hiring clean up technicians will reduce the estimated cost of the restoration. The residue left by a fire is extensive, but by tackling the chore immediately, the homeowner or renter may save some of the property. In addition, the property will be made habitable again faster, bringing back a sense of normalcy after such a disaster.

Other unforeseen circumstances may cause the need for a professional team of trained technicians to provide relief. For instance, a small kitchen fire or a gas furnace backfiring may cause significant injury to a smaller section of the property. Seemingly minor injury can lead to expansive repairs in the future. Ash is extremely caustic and may quickly deteriorate fibers, grout, and other materials. The odor left behind by the destruction may flare up asthma, allergies or other health issues. Irreversible injury begins immediately after the disaster, so it is best advised to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Why hire a certified technician?

The CleanTrust™ logo is a recognized symbol of excellence. When it comes to smoke damage and the clean up process, no one provides better information for its certified technicians than the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC. The technicians are trained to expedite services while maintaining the high standards expected from the technician’s with the approved logo.

A Journeyman Restorer has held active service for a minimum of one year after the proper training. The Journeyman is trained in upholstery and fabric restoring techniques, so the technician is able to identify, test, and restore various fibers. Since odor is a big part of smoke damage and clean up is important to repair injury, the technician is trained to handle odor control as well. Finally, the journeyman is trained on the technicalities of examining and restoring property that has been in a fire.

A Master Fire Restorer has a minimum of three years active services, and has completed the courses required for the Journeyman level. In addition, the master technician has training in carpeting restoration either residential or commercial. The master technician has experience and knowledge on how to quickly assess, develop a plan of action, and implement the plan to its conclusion.

Why choose IICRC-approved technicians?

IICRC-approved technicians are professionally trained and monitored to guarantee satisfaction. Smoke damage and subsequent clean up should only be completed by someone with the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time. After a disaster, people want to get back to a normal life and the CleanTrust™ logo guarantees a healthful environment that is as close to the original as possible.

When it comes to smoke damage, clean up is time sensitive. Trusting the project to just anyone can lead to irreversible injuries to property. CleanTrust™ is a brand known for superior quality and faster service. So get started by looking for an IICRC-approved technician in good standing to guarantee the best for any restoration project.

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