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Why Should You Have A Carpet Cleaning Certification In Texas

Why is it important to attain carpet cleaning certification in Texas?

Properly caring for carpeting is more complicated than it may seem at first. As technology has improved in the industry, technicians have more options available to them to provide excellent service. Harnessing this technology, though, can only be done with the proper training. It’s no coincidence that technicians instructed through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offer better service and report higher levels of customer satisfaction. Through the IICRC, a technician will learn the most up to date methods regarding textile treatment.

Where can a technician find carpet cleaning certification classes in Texas?

The IICRC is one of the most respected oversight agencies in the industry. Unlike most training facilities, the IICRC offers its classes around the country through approved schools. The IICRC’s approved schools are experienced in the IICRC’s practices and methods, so they can thoroughly relate the organization’s methods and practices to students. These approved institutions are spread throughout the world, so a technician will have access to IICRC-approved courses no matter where they live. Nearby classes can be found through the Institute’s website.

What do these classes teach?

Each course includes 14 hours of instruction time spread out over two days. Initially, students will learn how to identify the different textile configurations and materials they are likely to run into while on the job. The technician will also be exposed to a variety of soiling conditions to best prepare them for any situation they may encounter. The course also relates pre-inspection duties, standard equipment and chemical technology, and the best practices for residential situations, and some basic commercial jobs. These methods incorporate the five principles of proper textile treatment. These include soil suspension, dry soil removal, suspended soil removal, drying, and grooming. Learning these principles is essential to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable technician in the industry.

What are the benefits of getting carpet cleaning certification in Texas?

Training through the IICRC is not necessary before working in the field, but achieving mastery in the area will have a big impact on future success. Consumer studies sponsored by industry organizations find that the vast majority of homeowners consider certification important when looking for a professional. These consumers are much more likely to hire a technician that has been certified. Registrants of the IICRC and who enroll in the Certified Firm Program are listed in the agency’s online database, which will help consumers find certified technicians in their area.

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