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Why Should You Contact A Professional For Leather Cleaning?

Is it possible to learn the art of leather cleaning on your own?

While it’s possible to learn how to treat certain materials on your own, it’s always a better idea to seek professional guidance or to seek accredited training so that the material is treated properly and efficiently. Technicians in this field are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the material, allowing them to choose the proper solutions and methods when treating it. There are a variety of stains that can potentially plague a piece of furniture featuring this material, so knowing the correct types of equipment and restoration techniques is critical in order to work quickly without damaging it.. Some think that removing dirt and other small debris from the material is enough to keep it from deteriorating, but that is simply not the case.

Why is it important to have proper training for leather cleaning?

One of the most pertinent reasons to seek professional guidance and training when attempting to treat this particular surface is the involved process that goes into properly caring for it. This process is important because the material can easily be damaged if the right steps and equipment are not used. Since the material is made of animal skin, it should be treated professionally with both delicacy and focus in order to maintain its look and feel. For instance, many widely-used restoration chemicals are too harsh for this material, as this one calls for specific emollients that are to be used on a regular basis in order for the material to avoid cracking or drying out.

Are there courses that teach this professionally?

Yes. One of the most prestigious cleaning  certification programs, overseen by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC, has been teaching courses that deal with  properly cleaning leather among many others for years. Akin to other individuals such as plumbers and accountants, people searching for courses that teach leather cleaning services will need to set themselves apart from the pack by taking the necessary and accredited classes and tests in order to become certified. Becoming a Leather Cleaning Technician, or LCT, is just one of many certifications one can seek at through and IICRC-approved school. The course teaches the basics of identifying the many different sub-classifications of the material, as well as the best cleaning and restoration techniques. The acquired knowledge that the program provides gives individuals the skills needed to address nearly any type of restoration job regarding this particular material. Visit the IICRC’s website to find a class near you.

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