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Why Should Skunk Odor Removal Be Handled By Professionals

When it comes to skunk odor removal there are a wide range of myths and home remedies out there, but do they really take care of the problem? No matter what its target is, the substantial potency of the smell skunks leave in their wake is nothing to shrug off. Anyone that has experienced the animal's spray will agree it must be removed immediately, which isn't always easy.

When these mammals feel threatened by people, pets, or even cars and homes, they deploy their own powerful defense mechanism. Armed with two teaspoon-sized sacs of the oily, yellow liquid, it can potentially unload both directly at their perceived enemy up to 15 feet away! Whether in the form of a light haze or full scale spurt, the musk is strong enough to cause short term blindness in addition to the natural shock and stench lingering afterwards. In addition, the victim may experience nose and eye inflammation, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

The initial reaction to this type of incident is to take a shower, wash clothes, ventilate the space, and use air deodorizers, but that is not usually enough to fully eradicate the terrible smell. While it may seem like the obnoxious odor is gone, the scent can come back during warm weather if not addressed properly and in a timely manner.

Bathing in tomato juice or beer, utilizing commercial products geared towards skunk odor removal, and even feminine hygiene products have been said to take care of the problem, while the fact is that these methods are not entirely successful. Instead, these items act as a distraction from the lingering scent.

It is important to begin the cleaning process immediately to minimize the damage. Wipe down walls, machine wash clothing and other linens, and use soap and other cleaning agents until an experienced professional can arrive. Those with the proper training and skills will have the experience to approach each situation with caution.

Technicians certified in skunk odor removal give customers some peace of mind in knowing their property is in good hands. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or the IICRC, has been the leading force in setting up cohesive standards for the industry, including effective odor removal. And while some people may choose to attempt the tomato juice method of eradication, a knowledgeable firm with IICRC-certified technicians can effectively handle the problem and rid the home of the awful stench.

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