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Why A Professional Is Needed For Leather Seat Repair

Eventually, a leather seat will need a repair to maintain its look and feel, and this material has to be handled just right to preserve its integrity. No other fabric is like this material, and it takes on soil and damage in unique ways. It can tear, crack, sustain punctures, discolor, dry out, or lose its smooth texture, usually due to various soils. By the time the furniture’s owner brings in someone to restore it, some of the above will likely be present. Tackling widespread damage is something best left to the experts, as even a slight mistake can make the situation worse. The wrong detergent, for example, can strip the material of its protective layer and cause it to permanently discolor. Rough treatment can score it, or leave it feeling rough. In short, restoring the chair will take a careful hand.

How do professionals approach leather seat repair?

Even if a homeowner keeps the furniture away from the sun and away from rambunctious children and pets, eventually it’s going to sustain damage. How a homeowner responds will determine whether or not that damage sets and lasts forever, or if it is removed completely. Homeowners can do some things to lessen the impact of a spill or scuff, but it will take a professional to restore it fully.

Total leather seat repair is an involved process, and while every firm has its own way of handling it, there are some general steps that a firm will take. First, professionals will clean the furniture thoroughly, as remaining soils will interfere with the restoration process. In most cases, the furniture will also have taken on a lot of body oils and grease. These can affect the texture and look of the furniture, but they are stubborn to remove with conventional cleaners. Instead, special degreaser agents are needed, and once applied, they will soak up the oils over a span of several hours. They will dry into a powder that can be wiped away quickly.

Once the furniture is clean, the leather seat repair process can truly begin. Any small rips or flaps can be glued down using a special compound, and this is the best way to handle punctures. Scratches and areas where the material is separating, though, will require the most attention. Though every firm uses different materials, most will have a filler compound on hand that can be inserted into scratches and tears. The compound dries over several hours and helps produce an even surface. After a light sanding to ensure a perfectly even surface, the filler is dyed to take on the same color as the surrounding material. This requires a precise eye and is best handled by someone with expertise in color repair.

It may take several passes to get the desired look, but after the work is finished, the homeowner can expect fantastic results. In fact, people may wonder if the restored furniture is brand new. It will certainly look and feel like it.

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