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Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Should Get A Certification

 Professional carpet cleaners are always looking for a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In most cities, there are dozens of businesses that provide these services, so reaching out to customers can be difficult. Those that want an advantage, though, should look into certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Repair Certification, or IICRC. This agency is respected by consumers and technicians alike, and can garner extra visibility for a specialist. There are more than 50,000 registrants in the IICRC, making it the largest industry organization in the world.

The primary benefit of becoming a registrant with the IICRC is to earn certification in multiple areas. Professional carpet cleaners have to stay up to date with technology and techniques in the field or they risk becoming obsolete. This organization is responsible for creating and overseeing industry best practices, which means registrants are always current with their knowledge. Consumers are more likely to hire a business that uses the best equipment available, and registrants are encouraged to advertise their advanced skills.

There are many certification areas available through the IICRC
. These range from basic textile cleaning to advanced courses in microbial removal, water damage restoration and safety techniques. Anyone who works in the field will be able to find a class that can improve their capabilities and make them more attractive to consumers. Professional carpet cleaners should consider entering into the textile cleaning certification track. In the IICRC, certification tracks refer to advanced designations for completing multiple courses in a certain area. A specialist must earn a year of experience in the industry following their original certification date to qualify. They must also pass three courses, including a textile cleansing course and an upholstery cleansing course. A registrant must also pass the odor control technician class, the color repair course or the repair and reinstallation class. This enables the specialist to attain journeyman status within the certification track.

After three years of experience and more continuing education, professional carpet cleaners are eligible to receive master status in the track. Companies that employ master technicians will work more efficiently and draw more customers through their reputation. Specialists with the master designation will be more attractive to employers and will be able to earn more money as a result.

There are also certification tracks available for water restoration and fire restoration specialists. Professional carpet cleaners that offer these services will be able to serve more customers as their knowledge base is broader.  These industries are technically complex and every job poses several dangers, including electrical shock, microbes, unstable structures and dangerous wildlife. The IICRC offers health and safety courses that teach workers how to avoid these dangers or how to respond to them when they are present. Every crew should have a member certified in this area to better protect them from violations, citations or unsafe conditions.

Finally, registrants who attain certification can advertise their expertise using the CleanTrust mark
. This logo is recognized by consumers as a mark of reputation, and businesses who advertise it will be trusted and respected by their peers and their customers. Also, registrants are admitted into the IICRC’s online database upon joining the organization, which improves the company’s visibility in their geographical area.

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