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Why IICRC Is The Top Carpet Cleaning Institute In The Nation

Industry professionals expect a lot from the carpet cleaning institute they are associated with, and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) strives to meet this expectation. There are thousands and thousands of technicians in the field, and homeowners are often frustrated with how the industry appears to offer inconsistent service. For decades, there was little attempt to standardize carpet cleaning techniques, so homeowners had to rely on a technician’s individual experiences and training. The IICRC is working to correct this by consolidating best practices and offering superior training to industry professionals. Now, homeowners know that when they select an IICRC certified technician, they are getting a professional they can rely on.


What makes the IICRC the most respected carpet cleaning institute in the nation?

The IICRC has global influence, with major offices in Canada, Japan and Australia, in addition to its presence in America. More than 50,000 industry professionals and 6,000 firms are IICRC registrants, making it one of the most powerful industry agencies in the world.

The organization was founded in 1972 as a resource to professionals learning how to take advantage of steam cleaning technology. In the 40 years since, the IICRC has expanded and now offers training in a number of fields, including water damage restoration, flooring repair and microbial remediation. It’s this training that the IICRC is known for, and what makes it the most influential carpet cleaning institute in the field.

The IICRC’s training is derived from industry best practices, many of which have also been researched and established by the IICRC. A leading consumer standards organization, the ANSI, has recognized the IICRC for its efforts in elevating the field. And industry professionals can access this knowledge through the organization’s coursework.

Professionals are often faced with a tough decision when looking to expand their skills. Traveling to a training location can cost a great deal and absorb a lot of time, which means more money. The IICRC has organized its training so that professionals all over the country can find a class in their area. By offering its classes through a network of approved schools, the IICRC can connect with a technician no matter where they live. In most cases, a professional will only need to make a short drive to the training location. And most IICRC courses are only a couple days long, so a single weekend may be all that’s required. It’s a cost effective approach to industry certification.

Support is what defines the IICRC, and why treatment technicians have made it the top carpet cleaning institute in the world. Professionals that want to maximize their careers in the field will need a knowledgeable organization to look to, and the IICRC fits the role perfectly.

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