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Why Hiring Upholstery Cleaning Services Makes A Difference

Professional upholstery cleaning services are absolutely worth it for any homeowner that wants to preserve their furniture. Everyone knows that carpets need lots of attention, after all, they take more punishment than anything else in the home. However, homeowners often discount the kind of wear and tear that furniture receives, and how quickly its fabric can degrade. Dirt, pet dander, spills, body oils, and chemical residues will eventually discolor and damage fabrics, but they can be spared from further damage. With a professional firm helping out, a homeowner doesn’t have to replace their beloved furniture and can save a lot of money.

What do professional upholstery cleaning services offer that can’t be attained over the counter?

In short, a certified professional knows how to handle any type of fabric and any type of soil. Untrained people have a tendency to damage delicate fabrics like silk and leave behind worse stains than they started with. Professionals also bring a level of thoroughness that is needed to keep the furniture in good condition. It’s easy to make the fabric look better, but all of the soil will need to be thoroughly removed to ensure the upholstery’s long-term integrity.

Upholstery cleaning services certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) have access to a number of methods and technologies that ensure better results. Most firms approach the process in a predictable way. First, they will remove as much dry, loose soil as possible. Loose particles like dirt and dander are much harder to remove if they are wetted and matted into the fabric. Technicians will go over the furniture with a powerful vacuum several times, testing to see how much soil is left behind after each pass. Once the technician is satisfied with the efficacy of dry soil removal, they will move on to discoloration and matted soils.

Untrained professionals might jump right into hot water extraction at this point, but certified technicians know that body oils and set in stains need more than that. Knowledgeable upholstery cleaning services typically pretreat the fabric with special agents that break up these stubborn substances and force them to release from the material’s fibers. At this point, they will be much easier to pick up with conventional treatment methods.

Some professionals will scrub the entire piece of furniture down using a bit of water and a cleansing agent, while others will use a hand tool that delivers a current of heated water and detergent to the fabric. In either case, the combination of the detergent’s foaming and the agitation will loosen up the matted soils, and the hot water will help pull them out. It may take several attempts to get all of the soil out, but eventually, all that will be left is to let the fabric dry, and this normally takes a few hours. Afterwards, the furniture will look and feel like new, and be ready to return to action.

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