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Why Get A Carpet Cleaning Technician Certification With IICRC?

To get ahead in their competitive industry, a carpet cleaning technician should consider certification though a respected organization. There are thousands of companies around the country that offer textile maintenance, and a professional needs every edge they can get. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can provide this edge with detailed coursework that represents the most up to date practices in the field. Fortunately, the IICRC’s classes are easy to locate and sign up for, so a professional can begin their advanced education right away, no matter where they live.

The IICRC has been around since 1972 and has certified tens of thousands of professionals since its beginning. There are more than 50,000 active professionals certified through the IICRC, and more than 6,000 firms. Over the decades, the institute has consistently produced the most comprehensive and relevant practices in the industry. Now, most industry professionals recognize the IICRC’s methods as the best practices available. For this reason, consumers look for a professional trained through the IICRC, knowing they will work efficiently and ethically while on the job.

Perhaps the most popular course taken through the IICRC is its carpet cleaning technician certification (CCT) class. The CCT is the foundational course, and many other classes offered by the IICRC build on it. During the CCT class, the professional will spend much of their time learning how to identify the most common materials used in the manufacturing of carpet, including specific fibers and yarn. A wide range of textile compositions, manufacturing styles, and soil conditions will be included in the coursework. This will prepare the professional for any work setting. The student will learn the IICRC’s five principles of textile treatment, including dry soil removal, soil suspension, suspended soil removal, grooming, and drying. To accomplish these methods of treatment, the professional will receive hands-on experience with a variety of cleaning substances and pieces of equipment. In all, the class only takes two days to complete, for a total of 14 hours of instruction time. However, it is packed with information that will improve a professional’s aptitude.

Once a professional receives carpet cleaning technician certification, they will be prepared to take other courses through the IICRC. These can broaden or deepen a professional’s skill set, from learning how to restore water damage, to maintaining hard flooring, to treating various types of upholstery. The IICRC also offers three advanced certification tracks that can help the professional stand out even more. Both journeyman and expert classification can only be attained if the CCT course has been passed.

However, a professional that only intends on taking the CCT class will still benefit greatly. Industry members that attain certification through the IICRC are able to gain visibility and consumer confidence. This is a respected name by homeowners around the country, and consumer studies show that they strongly favor a professional who has received advanced education in the field. Also, IICRC registrants, if they opt in and become Certified Firms, are listed in the institute’s online database. Consumers frequently access this database to find professionals in their area, so it can bring in additional business. Finally, a professional with an IICRC education is much more likely to garner favorable attention from employers, improving their chances of finding a satisfying job.

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