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Why Does Smoke Odor Removal Require A Professional?

Smoke odor removal is a complicated process that requires professionals who know what they are doing. Eliminating smells caused by fires are difficult because different aspects of the home require different amounts of attention. Unfortunately, there are no quick or easy fixes to eliminate them completely. Spraying a room with an air freshener or using other similar products will merely cover the odor for a short period of time. For permanent results, a professional will know the techniques and the specialized equipment to use for the most effective results. The areas of a house that require attention include: the air ducts and HVAC system, carpets, ceilings, floors and walls, and drapes and blinds.

Cleaning HVAC systems

It is important to have air ducts and HVAC systems cleaned because poor air circulation can be a big factor in persistent odors. If the air ducts are not attended to, then dust and particles can be circulated throughout the air. A professional can determine whether or not the HVAC requires cleaning for smoke odor removal. Cleaning the HVAC unit has many benefits, including preserving the equipment, circulating a fresher quality of air, and restoring energy efficiency.


There are many preventative steps homeowners can take to make sure their carpets and furniture stay as clean as possible. Vacuuming, the use of mats in doorways to wipe off excess dirt, and changing the furniture layout can extend the quality and life of the carpet. When it comes to smoke odor removal a professional cleaning service can completely eliminate extreme smells and dirt. There are a range of different cleaning methods depending on the extent of the odor and soiling. Carpets can be the most difficult material to remove smells from, and many times the easiest solution is replacing it. But, professionals understand that is not always an option and can assist in saving and preserving the carpeting instead.

Ceiling, Floors and Walls

The ceiling, floors and walls of a house can become damaged by water, dirt, pets, oils used to cook with, and grease. While carpets are the primary feature to be affected by strong smoke smells, drywall can absorb the smell if it is exposed for a period of time. For serious smoke odor removal, professionals know how to penetrate and trap the smell instead of simply masking it. There are many DIY solutions for homeowners, but they are not permanent fixes. For the best results, it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible as the surfaces need to be cleaned to eliminate any lingering odors.


Smoke odor removal should also be conducted on all drapes throughout the affected area. Homeowners should be aware that most drapes require dry cleaning. A professional can offer advice on how to clean drapes depending on the material they are made of.

Professionals know how to handle all types of odors, from fire and smoke damage, to mold and urine. It is their job to identify the source of the odor and select the products that will neutralize it and remove it entirely.

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