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Why Choose IICRC Out Of All The Carpet Cleaning Institutes

There are carpet cleaning institutes that claim their coursework and training methods are the best the industry has to offer. Only the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has had some of its practices approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI is a federal organization dedicated to improving the quality of service in many U.S. industries, and it has placed a focus on textile treatment in recent years. With the IICRC’s core of best practices and ethics, it was a natural choice for the ANSI.

Why should professionals choose the IICRC over other carpet cleaning institutes?

Of course, most technicians aren’t worried about what organization has received the stamp of approval from the ANSI. These professionals only care about results and whether or not the organization can help them. For decades, the IICRC has done just that, working tirelessly to improve the knowledge and skills of technicians in the industry. On a practical level, this means organizing the best coursework in the industry, and IICRC classes are very thorough.

Other industry organizations typically offer their classes through a handful of independent teachers, which can make it extremely inconvenient for a technician to take the course in person. The IICRC also offers its classes through approved industry experts and firm owners, but where other organizations partner with a handful of representatives, the IICRC has hundreds of approved  schools all over the world. No matter where a technician lives, they should be able to track down an IICRC-approved  school in their area, maybe even the city they live in.

Carpet cleaning institutes are only as relevant as their classes, though, and the IICRC counts more than 50,000 registrants among its ranks, all of whom have attained certification in IICRC curriculum. The IICRC’s textile treatment course is still its most popular and most important, as it provides the base from which all of the IICRC’s other classes are built upon. Designated as the carpet cleaning technician (CCT) course, it aims to introduce technicians to a variety of fundamental concepts that will prepare a professional for various work settings. This fundamental knowledge includes how to identify different fiber and soil types, how to remove dry soil, suspend the rest, the merits of hot water extraction, and the best dry treatment methods. During the CCT course, the instructor will show students the latest technology used in the field, ensuring all technicians receive the most current information possible.

Certification should be a goal for any technician in a competitive market. Once a professional completes the CCT, they will be able to apply for certification through the IICRC and immediately improve their status in the industry. Status in this context is not just an empty word either, as consumers have demonstrated a clear preference for technicians with a strong educational background. So it’s not just about learning how to do the job right, it’s communicating to consumers that you know exactly what you are doing.

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