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Why Carpet Hole Repair Requires Professional Attention

Carpet hole repair is one of the most common services a professional firm offers, and it can deal with a variety of problems. It can be the most effective form of treatment for set-in stains, chemical damage, tears, wear, and many other common issues that affect flooring. Carpeting can sustain a lot of damage and wear over the years, and eventually some part of it is going to give out or become discolored due to the rigors of daily living. Replacing the damaged part can breathe new life into the room, returning the carpet to its prior glory, so it should be strongly considered when there’s an eyesore readily apparent.

Should a homeowner contact a professional to perform carpet hole repair?

Although there are numerous kits on the market that promise a professional look without professional assistance, there are issues with them. They generally don’t produce as sturdy a seam, which means they are likely to become damaged again or pull away within a short time. They don’t always look right, either, and if the homeowner doesn’t perform the process to the letter, the result can be even more damage and discoloration. Seaming kits also require the use of sharp blades and an extremely hot iron, which a homeowner may not be comfortable handling.

A professional carpet hole repair job is meant to last many years, and in nearly all cases the patched up piece of flooring will be functionally and aesthetically identical to the surrounding textiles. If there any unusual problems with the flooring, such as bunching up or water damage, a professional will be much better equipped to fix the underlying cause.

The process begins with identifying the problem area and finding another piece of carpeting that can be removed for replacement purposes. This is normally a piece of flooring installed inside a closet, utility room, or other space that people don’t frequently access. The damaged piece of flooring is cut out and disposed of, and a set of glue tabs are placed under the edges of the cutout area. An iron is applied to the tab, which activates the glue, and the patch is placed one side at a time. Once all four sides have been laid down in this way, the professional will go over the entire patched area with a pair of scissors and remove any fibers that are sticking out of the seams. A quick grooming session lines the fibers up and helps the new patch blend into its new surroundings.

With professional carpet hole repair, a homeowner can keep their floors in excellent shape.

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