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Why Berber Carpet Repair Needs To Be Done By A Professional?

Berber carpet repair can become necessary for a number of reasons. A seam may become unsightly in time, there may be damage to the fibers, or there may be a stain that the homeowner cannot remove. A common reason for damage is from pets chewing and pulling fibers. Many people think that carpet replacement from wall to wall is needed if there is buckling, but a professional can often take care of this problem with special skills and tools.

There are different methods of restorative processes for various floor coverings and damages. The first step for Berber carpet repair is an assessment of the situation. The loops of Berber carpeting can sometimes be rewoven by a professional. If there is a small burn or a stain that cannot be removed, a patch or bonded insert will likely be required. If  this  is required, the proper carpeting for a match will need to be located first. Many people have scraps from the original in the basement or attic, and these can be very useful for  bonded inserts. If there is not a scrap on hand, the professional can cut one out of a closet to match the size required. Next, the area will be measured and cut exactly to match the size of the bad spot. The soiled piece may be used to replace the spot in the closet if some flooring is removed from there.  

For Berber, the carpet repair requires a special re-looping process that can be done so that a  bonded insert might not be necessary. Berber is a modern style of floor covering that is constructed with loop piles and flecks of different shades of color. It usually has no pattern and is relatively durable, making it a good choice for areas with heavy use such as a family room. It is  customarily more affordable than wall-to-wall rugs that are thicker, but Berber can be difficult to clean if the fibers get dirt lodged in them.

In addition, if these carpets are cleaned with the wrong method, there can be adverse results and some splotching. This type of Berber carpet repair and cleaning can often be remedied with professional products or by drying the rug from the bottom with a carpet fan and hot air. It is less expensive in the long run to hire a professional to clean this type of rug properly.  A professional who has certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) will have undergone extensive training which will ensure consumers that the work will be done quickly and correctly.

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