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Why Are Professionals Needed For Fire Water Restoration

Fire and water damage restoration is not a service any homeowner wants to need, but when disaster strikes, it is the best way to get the home back to normal. Contaminated fluid and unchecked flames have incredible destructive potential, and if they aren’t cleaned up right away, they can ruin a building. But “cleaning” is a simple word for what is really a rather involved process. It takes a professional approach to do it right, but professionals can complete the job in a matter of days, depending on the extent of the damage, and once they are finished, the home will be safe to live in again.

Why should homeowners hire fire and water damage restoration professionals?

Homeowners have two options when their house is wrecked by a disaster. They can either bring in a professional crew, or they can try to do the job themselves. In general, it is never a good idea for an untrained person to work around hazardous materials, as the consequences can be severe. The contaminated fluid that washes in with a flood or sewage backflow contains a soup of various bacteria and viruses, like hepatitis and cholera, along with dangerous wildlife and debris. If the fluid is allowed to sit for long, these microbes and mold spores will infest any organic materials in the building, possibly making the entire home a biohazard.

Flames are more of an immediate danger, but they can still cause long-term problems if not properly cleaned up. Ash and smoke can irritate the nose and throat, and worsen conditions like asthma. Both are also difficult to clean up completely, as they can move around the home on gentle air currents. By the time a professional responds to a call, the ash and smoke may permeate the entire building, reaching air vents and space behind the building’s walls. This will make it impossible for a homeowner to deal with the problem on their own.

Certified fire and water damage restoration crews have the necessary tools and training to work in any setting, no matter how severe the disaster is. For example, professionals working with a flood will first drain all standing fluid from the building, making sure to outfit themselves with safety gear to protect themselves. Once the fluid is drained, the professionals will clear out any materials that are beyond salvaging and establish a work area in the building. Professionals will run air through the soaked areas with air mover fans and will also set up dehumidifiers to dry the space out. Fire and water damage restoration technicians are also equipped to remove ash and smoke, using a set of special detergents and technologies. Professionals will scour the home and remove any ash deposits, and use devices like thermal foggers to neutralize smoke.

Experienced, certified technicians can turn any disaster into a distant memory, and with their professionalism, it will be handled for good.

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