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Why Are Mold Remediation Courses Needed In California?

For west coast technicians who might encounter dangerous fungi on the job, mold remediation courses in California are necessary to ensure the safety of both the professional and the client.

California’s climate makes it an ideal vacation destination, but also an ideal environment for mold growth.

Greatly influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, most parts of California experience a high level of precipitation at some point during the year. The moisture created by rain and humidity provides a perfect climate for different kinds of fungi.

While not all fungi are toxic, any mold found indoors should be cause for immediate action by home and business owners. Approaching the removal of mold should be left to professionals with proper training since distinguishing between hazardous and harmless specimens is not always easy.

The most prevalent kinds of fungi range in size and toxicity. Each requires its own method of removal, of which any certified technician should have a clear understanding.

Many of the common molds are airborne, making it difficult to recognize their presence. They are generally relatively benign, only affecting people with preexisting respiratory and immune disorders.

A professional must have the training and equipment to conduct accurate air quality tests and subsequent removal of these microscopic threats.

Toxigenic molds are more severe and can be airborne, or consumed by eating affected foods. The mycotoxins these produce can cause severe illness in anyone who comes into contact with them. A complete understanding achieved through mold remediation courses in California can ensure that technicians come prepared to take necessary precautions when determining the hazard level of any fungi.

One of the most dangerous varieties of indoor mold is commonly referred to as “black mold.”  This highly toxic substance prefers damp conditions, like wood that has been exposed to moisture. It can inhibit a person’s ability to breathe and even cause internal bleeding.

A professional who gets certified through mold remediation courses in California will be familiar with the common types of fungi found on the west coast, and they will be able to protect themselves, analyze the symptoms of exposure, perform proper tests, and safely remove the problem.

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