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Where Is Certified Mold Inspector Training In Virginia?

Certified mold inspector training in Virginia is as important as it has ever been, as the state has recently changed the requirements for industry professionals. In 2011, the state required licensure for any technicians working in the field, but just a year later, it rescinded this requirement, deregulating the industry completely in the state. Today, the industry is still completely deregulated, so there is no state level oversight protecting consumers. However, multiple private organizations, like the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), have stepped into the void left behind by the reversal and can provide much needed training for industry technicians. Consumers turn to the IICRC now to help them make an informed decision, so getting the IICRC stamp of approval should be considered a priority for industry members.

What certified mold inspector training courses are available in Virginia?

The IICRC provides two primary courses for industry professionals. The first is the Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) class, which largely focuses on the fundamentals of repairing water damage and removing fungal contamination. The second course, which is only available after completing the WRT, is the Advanced Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) class. The AMRT addresses a number of higher level techniques for locating and removing fungal threats, along with instruction on removing bacterial and viral threats as well. Before the state deregulated, the AMRT was nearly identical to the state board’s remediation technician license. Now, it is perhaps the most comprehensive course in fungal detection and remediation there is in the state. If a professional completes the four day course, they will have a powerful advantage over technicians that don’t have the education and certification.

Where can professionals take certified mold inspector training courses in Virginia?

The people responsible for teaching these courses have been approved by the IICRC. As members of approved schools, the instructors that teach IICRC classes are expected to uphold the institute’s respected standards and ethics. This makes them leaders in the industry and valuable resources to technicians transitioning to the profession.

The WRT and AMRT are taught several times throughout the year, but there is usually a few months between classes, so a professional will need to check the calendars regularly or they may have to delay their education slightly. Fortunately, certified mold inspector training classes in Virginia are available all over the state, so a professional will not have to travel far to take the course. Some of the cities that regularly host IICRC classes include Alexandria, Lorton, Richmond and Washington D.C., so no matter where a technician lives, it will only take a brief drive to get to the class.

Just because there are no licensing requirements in the state doesn’t mean that just anyone can do the job right. And homeowners will focus on a professional’s education and skills before hiring someone. IICRC approval will, perhaps more than any other accomplishment, impress those homeowners.

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