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When To Call A Water And Fire Damage Restoration Firm

Water and fire damage restoration are necessary when a family is at their most vulnerable, so they need a technician that is trustworthy and capable to act quickly. When disaster strikes a home, the damage left behind can make the building uninhabitable. Floods, noxious odors, unhealthy air quality and microbial growth are just a few hazards that can force a family from their home, and they must be dealt with immediately or they may worsen. Fortunately, certified firms are on call around the clock and are capable of responding right away to any problems.

What can a water and fire damage restoration firm help with?

Certified professionals have several missions when they arrive at a compromised building. They have to assess the extent of the damage, determine its source, clean up any destroyed materials, set up a work site, remove excess moisture, remove any residue and ash, and rid the home of any lingering health threats. The entire process is completed as quickly as possible, so a firm will be extremely busy from the moment they arrive at the home.

Every disaster is different, and a firm has to be equipped for any situation. In some instances, there’s just a small plumbing leak in the attic and a patch of mold to get rid of. Sometimes, a flood powers through the building and leaves several inches of contaminated water behind. Other times, it’s a brief flame that scorches some drywall and a bit of flooring. Then there are times that it’s a rampaging inferno that nearly destroys the building. No matter how severe the disaster is, a certified firm can get the building back to its former state.

How does a water and fire damage restoration firm repair a disaster?

When responding to a flood, leak or pipe burst, the technicians will first remove any standing water using vacuums and pumps. Soaked and contaminated debris is disposed of safely, and the home is checked for pockets of moisture and mold. The drying process takes the longest and is accomplished with high-powered air movers and dehumidifiers. In some circumstances, special equipment like heat injectors may be required to save sensitive materials like solid wood. As the home is drying, the technicians may apply fungicides and anti-microbial agents to kill off any mold, bacteria or viral colonies. Once complete, the building will be safe to inhabit again.

Once a flame subsides, the immediate threat is gone. However, the ash and smoke residue left behind will continue to cause issues. Ash is an irritant in the lungs and eyes, and may cause asthma and allergies to worsen. Smoke will seep into every part of the building and produce powerful odors. It will take a thorough cleanup to neutralize both, and the only way to get rid of smoke entirely is with special equipment.

No matter how extensive the damage is, though, it is best to hire a certified firm to get the job done. Certified firms have demonstrated their skills and have agreed to uphold ethical business practices. No one ever wants to call one of these firms, but when they are needed, it’s best to bring a highly reputable crew.

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