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Whats The Process For Carpet Steam Cleaning Services?

There are a number of ways to treat carpet, but steam cleaning services remain among the most popular in the world. A lot of people and professionals  call this treatment hot water extraction, though, and some professionals refer to them interchangeably. Technically, there are significant differences between the two, though they are both highly effective at eliminating soils, stains, and odors from carpeting.

What is the difference between hot water extraction carpet treatment and steam cleaning services?

The primary difference is in their names. Steam cleaning requires the use of water that is so hot it changes to a gas. This requires heating up the water until it is at the boiling point and injecting it into the fibers. Hot water extraction doesn’t go quite that far, though the water is still hot enough to treat the carpet efficiently.

However, the growing trend is to refer to hot water extraction carpet treatment when mentioning steam cleaning services, and consumers are starting to do so as well. Hot water extraction is the primary method for removing soil, according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The Institute has been around for many years, but the principles behind it remain apparently effective at treating carpet. During the process, the water is heated up to somewhere between 120 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 50 to 120 degrees Celsius). The floor is pretreated with a solution that helps break down the soils a bit and is groomed into the fabric with an agitator or other brush. After a brief pause allowing the solution to work its way into the fibers, the hot water extractor is pushed over the soiled spot, where the water is injected deep into the fibers and sucked up using a powerful vacuum.

Some companies prefer portable hot water extractors that can be used to access hard to reach areas, while others keep their extractors mounted on a vehicle. Vehicle mounting greatly improves the power of the extractors, so it is ideal for homes and businesses experiencing heavy soiling conditions, though in the hands of a properly trained technician, comparable results can be obtained with portables, although it may take a little longer to accomplish.

The IICRC has a long relationship with training professionals in this form of treatment, and thus forms the foundation of the IICRC’s CCT (carpet cleaning technician) course. During the CCT, students learn how to identify a number of fibers and flooring compositions, as well as various soiling conditions. Professionals will be tasked with handling a great deal of modern equipment, including equipment designed for hot water extraction. Once a student attains CCT certification, they can move on to other disciplines or enhance their skills further through education. Regardless of how a student proceeds, their CCT training will ensure they can provide deep cleaning when needed.

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