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Whats The Options For Carpet Cleaning Certification Courses

Carpet cleaning certification courses are the best way for a technician to get the knowledge they need to succeed in this industry. During these classes, a professional will be exposed to a variety of conditions and have the opportunity to work with the latest equipment and methods. For this reason, consumers and employers both place a huge emphasis on training, so it’s highly recommended that textile treatment professionals attend these classes. It is important for technicians seeking certification to attend courses overseen by a respected organization.

Which organization offers the best carpet cleaning certification courses?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or the IICRC, has provided training to thousands of firms and tens of thousands of professionals. The IICRC is one of the most trusted and respected agencies in the industry, offering a number of classes to professionals in several industries. The IICRC is responsible for producing the standards for textile treatment, so industry professionals look to the Institute on the best way to handle a number of work settings.

The Institute teaches its classes through approved instructors found throughout the world. This is important for a technician that doesn’t have the ability to travel far to learn. In most cases, an approved instructor is within easy reach, and every instructor is trained in the IICRC’s standards and practices. These instructors offer a hands-on education option that is far superior to any online classes. While distance education has become more and more popular in several industries, hands on education is still the best way to learn textile treatment.

What carpet cleaning certification courses does the IICRC offer?

The IICRC’s primary textile treatment class is the Carpet Cleaning Technician course, or CCT, and provides a foundation of knowledge of the institute’s other classes. The CCT is taught over two days and includes 14 hours of total instruction time, not including breaks or time set aside for meals.

During the CCT training, students will learn the basics of textile treatment and will be introduced to the most common soiling conditions in residential settings. Students will learn how to identify a variety of fiber and yarn constructions, finishes, and style types. During the CCT, a technician will learn the IICRC’s approach to textile treatment, which includes dry soil removal, suspended soil removal, soil suspension, proper grooming and drying. The professional will learn about the latest treatment equipment and methodologies, with an eye for practical application. The CCT is focused on residential and light commercial settings and provides an excellent transition into other classes, like odor removal, color repair, reinstallation, or water restoration classes.

Once a technician has completed the CCT course, they will be prepared to handle basic textile treatment procedures. With some experience in the field and proper training, a professional can quickly garner respect from consumers and managers alike.

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