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Whats Involved In A Mold Remediation Course Online?

If you take the time to search the internet for a mold remediation course online, you’ll be sure to find several.  While there are courses available, most in this industry know that it is best to receive this training in a classroom setting. Online courses are limited to pictures, videos, and reading assignments, and are not as  thorough as a classroom setting.   For mold remediation it’s best to have hands-on training.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has a list of classes world-wide. Technicians that want to further their knowledge and learn the best practices can find a mold remediation course near them online. An initial search for these classes can be done on their website under the Education and Certification section. There are a number of other classes available as well, from the basic Carpet Cleaning Technician class to advanced certification tracks such as Master Fire and Smoke Restorer. IICRC certification is appealing to both companies and consumers, making this a valuable asset for any technician.

Mold remediation courses will teach technicians the best practices and methods regarding the ecology of various fungi, their effects on human health, principles and procedures, determinations, limitations, structural and content remediation, the proper tools and equipment, safety practices, respiratory protection, and much more.  

Once the technician has completed the coursework, they will be able to take the Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) exam and become certified upon successfully passing the exam. Technicians with IICRCs MRS certification are highly respected and sought after within the industry. This certification signifies extensive and thorough training based on proven, repeatable work. Though it is possible to find a mold remediation course online, those that choose to go with an IICRC-approved school will have the edge when it comes to treating an area for this harmful microbe. Visit the site today to find a class near you!

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