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Whats Included In A Certified Mold Inspector Training Course

Why should you achieve certification to perform remediation for mildew and sewage damage?

Taking a certified mold inspector training course ensures that you are a professional who adheres to respected industry standards.  The act of remedying damage from mildew or another fungus is a critical task.  Residual damage from these contaminants can seriously disrupt the safety of the property’s residents, posing severe health hazards.  Understanding the nuanced procedures and the long-term effects of exposure is necessary to adequately treat and fix problems.
What is covered in a certified mold inspector training course from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC?

This program discusses the proper methods to remedy and reverse damage from sewage and mildew.  The session is pertinent to professionals involved with property restoration, property management, Indoor Air Quality Investigations and similar practices.  Through discussion and hands-on activities, the class stresses training in remedial techniques for sewage and fungus damage to professionals who will actively implement these measures in the field.  Graduates from this program will be sufficiently prepared to properly execute remediation procedures and services, and to assist in the welfare of all workers and inhabitants involved.

How well is the IICRC certification recognized around the world when it comes to becoming a fungus remediation expert?

The IICRC is an international nonprofit organization that has set the standards for  cleaning and remediation in over 25 countries worldwide.  They have a 40 year legacy of trust and integrity.  The nonprofit is acknowledged for providing a leading voice in the industry, and shares partnerships with numerous influential associations that reinforce the IICRC as a leader in proficiency for the field and furthers the recognition of its standards across the globe.  Taking a certified mold inspector training course from the IICRC earns you certification that places you in a group of professionals that are synonymous with expertise and trust. Classes can be found at the IICRC website.

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