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Whats Covered In Professional Carpet Cleaning Certification

Why is professional carpet cleaning certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) important?

When looking for a flooring treatment expert, most home and business owners consider industry training to be imperative. The IICRC is a respected organization in the industry and offers the most modern forms of training available. This training will serve a technician well, giving them the tools and knowledge to tackle a wide variety of work settings.

IICRC training can also improve a technician’s standing among employers and help generate business for their company. All Certified Firms are put in the institute’s database, making them more visible to consumers. Registrants also benefit from the organization’s relationships and partnerships with other agencies in a number of complementary industries.

Where can a technician attend the IICRC’s professional carpet cleaning certification classes?

They teach their coursework through recognized schools. That means that a technician can quickly find a location near them to learn, reducing traveling expenses and the time needed to work through the class.

How long does it take to complete the IICRC’s professional carpet cleaning certification classes?

They offer dozens of classes in a variety of disciplines, and most only take a few days to complete. The textile treatment course, also known as the CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician), involves two days of training, for a total education time of 14 hours. That does not include time set aside for breaks or meals.

At the completion of the course, the technician will need to demonstrate they learned the taught skills through examination. The registrant will need to regularly complete continuing education classes to maintain good standing with the IICRC. Continuing education classes are important as the industry is constantly evolving and adapting new technology for use.

What will the student learn during their coursework?

The CCT course is the foundation class for most textile treatment experts. During the instruction, students will learn how to identify various types of textiles, including the different kinds of yarn and fiber constructions. Students will learn relevant details behind several types of textile finishes and styles.

During the CCT, students will receive hands on instruction to get a feel for different soiling situations and treatment equipment. Students will focus on fiber identification, pre-inspection, standard treatment techniques and the most common chemicals and equipment that technicians use. The CCT focuses on the five pillars of textile treatment, including dry soil extraction, soil suspension, suspended soil extraction, grooming and drying. By the time the student finishes the CCT, they will have current knowledge of the field.

The IICRC’s textile treatment coursework is the fastest way for a technician to improve their standing in the industry and learn everything needed for a long, productive career.

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