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What Do You Learn About Carpet Cleaning With IICRC

Why is it important for a technician to learn about carpet cleaning before working in this industry?

Treating textiles and flooring is a delicate process that requires real expertise to do correctly. Before a professional can work with textiles, they must know how to identify different materials, survey the material for damage, and find the right solution for the job. Technicians have to confront a variety of soiling situations and work environments in the industry, so the more knowledge the professional has, the better off they will be when taking on clients. This will ensure greater customer satisfaction and repeat business in the future.

How can the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) help a professional learn about carpet cleaning?

The IICRC is the most respected organization in the industry and has certified more than 50,000 technicians and several thousand firms. Their methods are considered the best in the business, so certified professionals are at the top of their craft at all times. Because textile treatment professionals are found around the globe, the IICRC teaches its courses through approved schools instead of out of a central location. A technician should be able to find a school close to where they live, no matter where that may be.

What concepts will a technician learn about carpet cleaning during their coursework with the IICRC?

During the textile treatment course, known as the CCT class, the technician will be exposed to a wide variety of topics. During the 2 day course, the student will be taught how to identify several common types of materials that are found in most homes and businesses. The instructor will also show the technician how to handle a number of typical soiling conditions that they will likely face.

Hands-on experience with various cleaning chemicals and technologies is also a major thrust of the class and will bring the professional up to date on treatment methods. The IICRC focuses its textile treatment education on five central principles. These include soil suspension, suspended soil removal, dry soil removal, grooming and drying. Once a professional knows how to perform these five tenets of treatment, they will be prepared for most jobs.

What benefits will a professional receive with IICRC certification?

A professional certified through the IICRC knows that their knowledge of the field is current. They will be better equipped to help a variety of customers and will generate a better reputation as a result. Customer surveys associated with the industry show that home and business owners place a major emphasis on certification when looking for a  qualified firm to hire. This organization is a highly visible and respected among consumers, so they often peruse their database first to find a professional in their area.

Also, once a professional is CCT certified, they can improve their knowledge further with advanced certifications in the industry. Advanced designations will improve a technician’s standing in the field even more, making it easier for them to find clientele and move forward with their career.

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